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LOOKWOOD is a company based in Neuquén which excels in the national and international Oil and Gas Industry for the quality of its services. We are the only Well Control Service provider in Argentina, and throughout over 20 years of proven experience, we have controlled the severest blowouts and fires in the country´s history.

We understand that being in the Oil & Gas Industry requires total commitment to life, the environment and customers´ assets. A commitment to minimize energy losses while preventing unnecessary risks and errors.

Efficiency should be ensured by a professional organization with proven knowledge, leaving no room for doubt or error. Life depends upon the job being well done.

A severe blowout situation puts everything at risk. It calls for a fast response of a coordinated team of experienced specialists, ready to put their creative expertise to work.

We are that team and that is the strength and scope of our commitment. We endeavor to constantly upgrade the quality of our services.

  • Well Control Services - WCS
  • Special Wellhead Services - SEB
  • H2S Safety Services - H2S
  • Production Tools & Services - PTS
  • Professional Education and Training - CAP
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Engineering - HSE


LOCKWOOD, satisfaction of know-how


LOCKWOOD started in 1991 with the mission to lead the market based on the quality of its services.

LOCKWOOD was born with the mission to be LOCKWOOD.

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